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ESD Equipment

Eurostat is a pioneer in protection against electrostatic discharges (ESD). Their products are designed to protect components sensitive to electrostatic damage and avoid contamination during production, storing and shipping.

Our Products

Rigid Packaging

Eurostat for over 40 years, has been a producer of its own raw material. This allows them to be the owner of registered innovative materials, embodying their know-how. These materials are the result of internal development and collaborations with research facilities and partners world-wide. These patented materials represent advancement for the market of protection against micro nuisances.

Vacuum formed trays


Pallet Pack & Pallets

Boxes and Lids

Flexible Packaging

Eurostat is a specialist in flexible packaging dedicated to the protection against electrostatic discharges (ESD).
With their partner Dou Yee, world leader in plastic film wrapping for electrical and micro-electrical industries, Eurostat produces a variety of flexible packaging all around Europe, offering protection against damage to static sensitive devices : components, electrical modules, motherboards etc…

Static Shielding Bags

Desiccants, adhesives & others

Instrumentation and Ionization

Eurostat offers a range of test equipment that allows you to control, measure and record critical values inside and outside the EPA in line with the IEC and ANSI norms: access control, ionisation, resistance measurement (tera-Ohm meters), field meters, discharge time measurement, walking test, etc.
Moreover, Eurostat offers a wide variety of products for storing components in a dry environment, vacuum sealing, and flexible packaging sealing.

Entering control systems for EPA

Measuring Instruments


EPA Organization

Eurostat provides a wide range of products and consumables for production in ESD protected areas (EPA) and warehouses, to protect against electrostatic discharges.

The necessary equipment to protect a production area is as follows:
• A workbench
• A fabric or vinyl chair (vinyl for clean rooms),
• A table mat,
• A wrist strap/cord
• A universal terminal to ground the wrist strap, if possible with an earth bonding point under the workbench,
• A grounding terminal plate to ensure the safety of the setup,
• A table ionizer.
Generally, it is recommended to keep 30 cm away any objects that are No -conductive (insulative) or radiating over 5,000 Volts/m or 125 Volts/Inches that are in immediate proximity of sensitive circuits, such as: water bottles, office supplies that can generate ESD, insulative packaging, etc. As well as any cellulose (paper, wood, cardboard…) based elements with a low hygrometry (<40%). Clothing
As an important factor when it comes to electrostatic discharge generation, all personal must wear suitable ESD clothing that reduces risk of generating electrostatic discharge.
Dissipative lab coats are mandatory; they must not be covered in any insulative element (veil, badge, safety jacket, long hair etc.) and must cover the sleeves of the operator.

The floor
The floor of an EPA zone must be dissipative, and is required to ground the operator. He must be equipped with a strap/cord and proper shoes.
An ESD floor requires special cleaning, to avoid any risks of insulating its ESD properties. For example, you must avoid any cleaning product containing waxes or silicones.

Zone identification
It is important to identify and mark the areas where the workbenches are with appropriate signage on the walls and on the floor :
• Floor adhesive (workspace Identification) or guiding posts
• Signs at the entrances and exits of the EPA zones
• An instrument capable of testing wrist straps and/or shoes must be installed at the entrances of every EPA zone. Operators must test themselves before setting up.
• An instrument capable of ensuring an equal potential link between the operator, his workbench, and the ground.
Every safety or control device must be checked regularly.

Furniture, floor & accessories

Workstation supplies and storage

Personal Equipment

As a member of the Dou Yee Group, Asian and World leader in ESD solutions, Eurostat offers a high quality, wide and complete range of equipment. Equipment that guarantees traceability and conformity to industry standards EN-100015, IEC61340-5-1. With quality approvals for over 13 years, Eurostat are accredited to ISO 9001 – 2015.
Their internal characterization laboratory, allows them to ensure that all of their products offer conformity to the highest standard.
They provide equipment dedicated to prevent the possibility of risk to product and personnel, protecting against electrostatic discharge and particle contamination.




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