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Wire harness equipment

Wire harness workbench
Wire harness workbench

Wire harness workbench with 00 to 800 angle adjustable worktop and special horizontal perforation 13*6 mm, which allow to fasten various types of wires and bundles.

Worktop angle adjustment and fixation is performed by side clamping handles.

Workbench supports unit dimensions: 1425*690 mm.

Perforated worktop available in 3 versions (width*height): 1500*1400mm, 1800*1400mm and 2000*1400mm.

Workbench height:

  • in horizontal position of the worktop – 800mm
  • in vertical position of the worktop- 1760mm

Maximum load capacity: 70 kg.

Available only in technical version. Supplied in a set with casters.

Magnetic plates for wire harness workbench
Magnetic plates for wire harness workbench

Magnetic plates are used to hold different holders and retainers

Wire harness workbench accessories

Different types of holders, retainers, corner posts and wire breakout systems which help to hold wires and form bundles on wire harness workbench.

They can be placed anywhere on wire harness worktop and attached to it through a special horizontal perforation (13×6 mm) by 3,5×16 screws.