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ESD Furniture Solutions

Our Trusted Manufacturer of ESD Furniture and Clean Room Solution

Reeco is a leading manufacturer and provider of top-quality ESD furniture and clean room solutions. With years of industry expertise, Reeco specializes in designing and manufacturing innovative modular furniture tailored to meet the stringent requirements of electrostatic-sensitive environments and clean rooms. Their comprehensive range of ESD furniture includes workbenches, storage solutions, ergonomic chairs, and more, all meticulously engineered to provide optimal ESD protection and functionality. Reeco’s products not only comply with international standards but also undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. To further enhance the customer experience.

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Introduction to ESD Modular Furniture

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) modular furniture is a specialized type of furniture designed to address the unique needs of electrostatic-sensitive environments. Electrostatic discharge can cause damage to sensitive electronic components, making ESD protection crucial in industries such as electronics manufacturing, laboratories, and cleanrooms. ESD modular furniture offers a flexible and customizable solution that combines functionality, ergonomic design, and electrostatic discharge protection.

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The Advantages of ESD Modular Furniture

ESD modular furniture provides numerous advantages for industries dealing with sensitive electronic equipment. Firstly, it offers a high degree of modularity, allowing for flexible configurations to suit different workspaces and changing needs. The modular nature of the furniture enables easy customization, expansion, and reconfiguration as the requirements evolve. Additionally, ESD modular furniture is designed with ergonomics in mind, ensuring optimal comfort and productivity for workers who spend long hours at their workstations.

ESD Protection Features

ESD modular furniture incorporates specific features to mitigate the risks of electrostatic discharge. These features include electrostatically dissipative surfaces, grounding mechanisms, and conductive components. The furniture is constructed using materials with controlled conductivity to prevent the accumulation and discharge of static electricity. Proper grounding systems are implemented to redirect electrostatic charges safely. By integrating these ESD protection features, the modular furniture ensures a controlled and static-safe environment for sensitive electronic devices.

Functional Components and Accessories

ESD modular furniture encompasses a wide range of functional components and accessories to cater to diverse workplace requirements. These may include ESD workbenches, storage cabinets, shelving units, ergonomic chairs, and adjustable workstations. Workbenches often feature adjustable heights, integrated cable management systems, and built-in ESD grounding points. Storage solutions are designed to protect sensitive components and equipment from electrostatic damage. Ergonomic chairs provide comfort and support while maintaining ESD protection. With such functional components and accessories, ESD modular furniture optimizes both productivity and safety in electrostatic-sensitive environments.

Compliance and Standards

ESD modular furniture is manufactured to comply with international standards and industry-specific regulations. These standards define the requirements for ESD protection, including surface resistivity, discharge times, and grounding specifications. Common standards include ANSI/ESD S20.20, IEC 61340, and DIN EN 61340. By adhering to these standards, manufacturers ensure that their ESD modular furniture meets the necessary criteria for providing effective electrostatic discharge protection. Choosing ESD modular furniture that complies with these standards provides confidence and assurance that the furniture will effectively safeguard sensitive electronics.

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