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Cutting-Edge PCB Testing Solutions

Since 1980 we have been offering technological leadership, reliability and intrinsic value in matter of automated test systems

Test quality, comprehensive defect coverage and short test times are our strengths. It is what conviction that offering excellent service as well as further innovative development of the test systems – for In-Circuit test (ICT), function test as well as Flying Probe test – and software solutions are essential to success

Digitaltest is a globally recognized and highly esteemed company that stands at the forefront of providing cutting-edge testing solutions for PCB manufacturers and electronic assembly companies. With several decades of industry experience and a deep understanding of the evolving landscape, Digitaltest offers an extensive suite of innovative products specifically designed to meet the ever-increasing demands and stringent requirements of modern PCB testing.
Digitaltest’s commitment to delivering excellence is evident in their comprehensive range of solutions. Their portfolio includes state-of-the-art automated test equipment (ATE) systems that set new benchmarks for performance, accuracy, and speed in PCB testing. Equipped with advanced technologies and powerful capabilities, Digitaltest’s ATE systems ensure high-speed and precise testing of PCBs, guaranteeing that each component and connection on the board functions flawlessly. By facilitating precise measurements and in-depth analysis, Digitaltest’s ATE systems contribute to the overall reliability, functionality, and performance of electronic devices.

In addition to their exceptional ATE systems, Digitaltest provides a suite of powerful software solutions that significantly streamline the testing process. Their intuitive software enables users to develop test programs effortlessly, execute tests efficiently, and analyze results effectively. By incorporating automation and intelligent algorithms, Digitaltest’s software empowers users to optimize their testing workflows, resulting in enhanced productivity and reduced time to market. The software’s user-friendly interface and robust functionality make it an indispensable tool for PCB manufacturers and electronic assembly companies seeking to maximize their testing capabilities and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

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Advanced ATE Systems: Precision and Performance

Flexibility is a core aspect of Digitaltest’s approach to PCB testing. Recognizing the diverse needs of their customers. Whether it’s a small, densely populated PCB or a large, complex assembly, Digitaltest ensures that their fixtures and probes provide accurate and reliable contact points, enabling comprehensive testing and analysis across a wide range of PCB designs. The ability to adapt and customize testing solutions according to specific requirements sets Digitaltest apart and positions them as a trusted partner for manufacturers seeking cutting-edge, flexible, and scalable testing solutions.

Streamlined Testing with Powerful Software

With an unwavering commitment to quality control, Digitaltest has established a reputation for delivering products known for their reliability and precision. Their testing solutions play a crucial role in identifying defects early in the manufacturing process, thereby minimizing rework, reducing production costs, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality PCBs to customers. By implementing Digitaltest’s solutions, manufacturers can achieve higher yields, improved product performance, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Digitaltest’s comprehensive approach to quality control encompasses not only the testing equipment but also the methodologies, best practices, and support required to establish robust testing processes throughout the manufacturing cycle.

Versatile Fixtures and Probes for PCB Testing

Beyond their exceptional products, Digitaltest takes pride in offering comprehensive support services tailored to meet the unique needs of their clients. They understand that successful implementation and utilization of testing solutions are crucial for manufacturers, and as such, Digitaltest provides a wide array of support services. From initial training and installation assistance to ongoing technical support and maintenance programs, Digitaltest ensures that customers can maximize the value and performance of their testing equipment. By offering a holistic approach to customer service, Digitaltest aims to foster long-term partnerships, empower their clients to achieve continuous success, and maintain their position as a trusted and reliable provider of PCB testing solutions.

Reliable and Precise Quality Control

As technology continues to evolve, Digitaltest remains at the forefront of innovation in the PCB testing industry. Digitaltest  continually invest in research and development, keeping pace with emerging trends and technologies to offer their customers cutting-edge solutions. Digitaltest’s commitment to innovation, combined with their deep industry knowledge and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, positions them as a leading global provider of PCB testing solutions. With their comprehensive suite of advanced products, robust software, versatile fixtures and probes, commitment to quality control, and exceptional customer support, Digitaltest is poised to meet the ever-growing demands of the industry and help manufacturers achieve excellence in PCB testing.

Comprehensive Support Services for PCB Testing

For the most part, springs are manufactured of spring steel wire of the maximum strength category with a special surface finish. The working temperature range for these springs between -30°C and +120°C also determines the operating temperature range for the complete spring contact probes. High-strength stainless steel wire is used with higher temperatures up to +250°C and when increased demands are made of corrosion protection. However, with this wire, it is not possible to achieve such high strength or spring force values as with spring steel wire.

Normally, gold is used as a surface coating because it reduces wear and improves the contact characteristics. The coating is applied in such a way that the structural characteristics of the high-strength spring material are affected as little as possible. In special cases, the springs are silver-coated (improved conductivity) or stainless steel springs are not given an additional coating.

The rated spring force of the spring contact probes refers to the working travel, which, as a rule, is 4/5ths of the maximum permitted plunger stroke travel.

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