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BGA Rework Station / Seamark

What is a BGA Rework Station?

BGA rework stations are indispensable tools in the realm of electronics manufacturing and repair, especially when dealing with the intricate task of reworking and repairing Ball Grid Array (BGA) components on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Given the distinct challenges posed by BGAs, characterized by an array of solder balls beneath the component, specialized rework stations are crucial for achieving precision and reliability in the rework process.

A paramount feature of BGA rework stations is the Hot Air Rework System. This system utilizes precisely controlled hot air to initiate the melting and reflow of the solder balls beneath the BGA component. The design of the hot air nozzle is critical to ensure uniform heat distribution across the entire BGA, thus facilitating proper solder reflow without compromising the integrity of the PCB or the BGA itself.

Temperature control is of utmost importance in BGA rework, necessitating the capability to set and maintain temperatures within a specific range. This not only prevents damage but also contributes to the overall success of the rework process.

Advanced BGA rework stations often integrate Infrared (IR) heating alongside hot air capabilities. IR heating is employed to preheat the entire PCB uniformly, mitigating thermal stress on the components and enhancing the overall reliability of the rework. This element works with the hot air nozzle to achieve consistent heating from both the top and bottom of the BGA, reducing the risk of warping or damage to the PCB.

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All machines come fully self contained with their own internal air and vacuum unless otherwise specified.

 ZM-R7830A BGA Rework Station

The Zhuomao ZM-R7830A BGA Rework Station represents the
pinnacle of Nitrogen Capable Rework Systems. Its high-end capabilities are
particularly noteworthy for optimizing yield in Lead-Free Solder scenarios and
no-clean processes. This cutting-edge system excels in placing SMD components
of considerable size, up to 80mm, owing to its advanced high-resolution
motorized vision system.


  • Power  – AC 380V   50/60Hz
  • Total Power  – Max 6800W
  • Heater power – Top heater 800W, bottom 800W, IR 5000W
  • Servo Drive system (Panasonic) +Panasonic PLC+8” Touch screen
  • Temperature control  K-type (Closed Loop)
  • Positioning  V-groove, PCB support + laser automatic positioning
  • PCB size Max 470×550mm    Min 15×20 mm
  • BGA chip  Max 80×80mm      Min 2×2 mm
  • Dimensions  L890×W790×H1000mm
  • Sensors  4
  • Weight 140kg

Accessories Include:

  • 5 pcs nozzle set.
  • 2 different size component pick-up tubes.
  • Online training video’s.
  • On-Site installation & training is also available for an additional fee.

A noteworthy inclusion in high-end BGA rework stations is a Vision System. This system aids operators by providing magnification and assisting in the meticulous inspection of the BGA and surrounding components. This visual feedback is invaluable for ensuring precise alignment during the rework procedure.

Interchangeable nozzles are a practical feature, allowing the rework station to accommodate various BGA sizes and shapes effectively. This adaptability ensures that hot air is directed accurately to the targeted area.

ZM-R7220A BGA Rework Station

The Zhuomao ZM-R7220A boasts a high-resolution Hot Air
Rework System that stands out for its ability to precisely place even the
smallest SMD components, accommodating sizes as diminutive as 2mm.


  • Manual/Stationary split Vision System
  • Places components from 2mm to 60mm
  • Fits Boards up to 412mm
  • Top heating Hot air of 1200W
  • Bottom heating Hot air of 1200W
  • IR Area heater composed of carbon fiber 2700W
  • One Thermocouple input

Accessories Include:

  • 5 pcs nozzle set.
  • 2 different size component pick up tubes.
  • Online training videos.
  • On Site installation & training is also available for an additional fee

For enhanced precision in BGA component handling, some rework stations incorporate a Vacuum Pickup System. This system facilitates the lifting and placement of BGA components, minimizing the risk of damage during removal and replacement.

To manage the post-reflow phase, a cooling system is often integrated, promoting gradual cooling of the solder joints and mitigating the risk of thermal shock to the components.

A stable and adjustable PCB holder or clamp is a fundamental component, providing a secure foundation for the PCB during rework. This stability ensures that the PCB remains stationary, enabling precise control throughout the rework process.

Finally, a user-friendly interface featuring programmable settings and profiles enhances operational efficiency and repeatability. When selecting a BGA rework station, it’s essential to consider specific application requirements, BGA sizes, and the level of precision needed for the task at hand. Training and adherence to safety guidelines are paramount to successful BGA rework operations.

ZM-R730A BGA Rework Station

The Zhuomao ZM-R730A BGA Rework Station stands as a
top-of-the-line rework system, showcasing exceptional capabilities in the realm
of electronic components rework. Great for larger boards up to 632mm wide.


  • Manual/Stationary split Vision System
  • Places components from 2mm to 60mm
  • Fits Boards up to 635 x 520 mm
  • PCB thickness 
  • Top heating Hot air of 1200W
  • Bottom heating Hot air of 1200W
  • Preheat Power 4800 W
  • 5 thermocouple input

Accessories Include:

  • 5 pcs nozzle set.
  • 2 different size component pick up tubes.
  • Online training videos.
  • On Site installation & training is also available for an additional fee

ZM-R8650A BGA Rework Station

The Zhuomao Zm-R8650C is a fully automatic visual alignment BGA rework station.
It is suitable for automatic visual placement of large PCB boards (such as 5G communication boards), several components packaging, automatic welding and automatic desoldering.
It can be combined with SAP/ERP to realize the temperature curve analysis with S/N as retroactive condition.


  • Power Supply AC380V±10% 50/60Hz
  • Heater power Top heater 800W, bottom 800W, IR 5000W
  • Total power 21.25KW Upper temperature zone(1.45KW ) Power Lower temperature zone(2KW) Other power(1.8KW) � Preheating temperature zone(16KW
  • PCB size 670x570mm(Max) ; 10x10mm(Min)
  • BGA Chip Size 100x100mm(Max) ; 1x1mm(Min)
  • IR Temp. Zone Size 645x524mm
  • Motion Control X/Y/Z
  • External Temp. Sensor 6 PCS
  • Control System Industrial PC+Servo motion control system
  • Display System 24" SD display
  • Alignment System SM pixels d1g1tal HD industrial camera+ 1.3M pixels Industrial camera with telecentric auto-correction alignment
  • Vacuum adsorption Full automatic
  • Alignment Accuracy ±0.0lmm
  • Temp. Control K·type thermocouple(closed-loop), intelligent temperature compensation system with accuracy up to ± 1° c
  • Feeding Device Semi-automatic
  • Positioning V-groove with universal fixture(shaped fixture can be customized)
  • Dimensions L 1235xW1215xH1850mm
  • Weight 660KG

Accessories Include:

  • PCB support fixture
  • BGA support frame
  • Nozzle
  • Vacuum Nozzle

ZM-R7830A BGA Rework Station

The ZM-R7830A BGA Rework Station stands out as a top-tier
Nitrogen Capable Rework System, proving particularly advantageous for elevating
yield in Lead-Free Solder applications and no-clean processes. This advanced
system is adept at placing SMD components of up to 80mm in size, thanks to its
high-resolution motorized vision system.


  • Power: AC 380V, 50/60Hz

    Total Power: Max 6800W

    Heater Power: Top heater 800W, bottom 800W, IR 5000W

    Control System: Servo Drive system (Panasonic) + Panasonic PLC + 8” Touch screen.

    Temperature Control: K-type (Closed Loop)

    Positioning: V-groove, PCB support + laser automatic positioning.

    PCB Size: Max 470×550mm, Min 15×20 mm

    BGA Chip Size: Max 80×80mm, Min 2×2 mm

    Dimensions: L890×W790×H1000mm

    Sensors: 4

    Weight: 140kg

Control System:

  • The rework station boasts an Industrial PC control system,
    offering versatility with various operating modes. It provides real-time display
    of temperature curves, allowing for more than 12 segments in each curve. The
    system can automatically save temperature curves, generating an abundance of
    log files for easy recall of historical parameters, ensuring traceability.

Temperature Management:

With three independently controlled temperature zones, the

system enables convenient and swift programming of temperature parameters. The
top zone utilizes ceramic heaters, employing a built-in vacuum tube for chip
adsorption. The electric control system facilitates 360-degree rotation
alignment, featuring pressure protection, dual over-temperature protection, and
alarm functions. The software design incorporates encryption and fool-proof

Bottom Heating:

A bottom heating system adopts a medium-wave ceramic
infrared heating plate from Germany. This allows independent heating of the
bottom temperature zone with adjustable distance from the PCB. The system
excels in fast temperature control accuracy, effectively addressing PCBA
preheating and rework temperature challenges.

Optical Alignment:

Featuring an HD Optical Alignment Module, the system
includes an imported HD CCD (2M pixels) optical alignment system. The PC
control system automates X/Y movements for optical lens alignment. The setup
comprises a 15" HD industrial display (1080P 16:9) and an 18.5" SD
display for operation. An automatic feeding device is incorporated for seamless
feeding and receiving

Included Accessories:

5 pcs nozzle set.
2 different size component pick up tubes.
Online training videos.
On-site installation & training are available for an additional fee.

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