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Workplace additional equipment

Under-shelf LED lighting

Under-shelf LED lighting

Additional lighting can be mounted under the main shelf or attached to perforated panel. Suitable for any workbench series unit that is equipped with upper modules. It provides uniform illumination of the working area central zone.

  •      2 versions: 60 cm length and 90 cm length
  •      Light Source: LED lamps (30 pcs. for DL/N-6 and 45 pcs. for DL/N-9)
  •      Angle adjustment ± 60 °
  •      Color temperature 4700 – 5300 K.
  •      Material of diffuser – 2mm thick opal acryl
  •      Provides at least 1000 lux illuminance at 1000 mm distance from the light source.
Metal keyboard support

Metal keyboard support

Telescoping metal support saves space on the tabletop.

Keyboard support is produced of powder coated steel and available in dark grey (RAL 7012) or light grey (RAL 7035) colors.

Keyboard support is mounted to any workbench series which has enough space under the tabletop (minimum of 615mm width and 383 mm depth is required).

  •    Dimensions 616*135*383mm, keyboard support inner dimensions: 245*505mm
  •    Load capacity: 30 kg

Monitor support

Monitor adjusting support helps to save space on the tabletop.

PPM-03 requires PO Main shelf or Rear racks.

PPM-03/A is mounted to aluminium racks (Alpha or Alliance series workbenches).

PPM-03/GM is mounted to Gamma lateral racks

Rotary segments' length – 150 mm

Load capacity: 15 kg

Drafts holders

The adjusting drafts holder is supplied in a set with 2 VIKING magnets.

PPCH-01 requires PO Main shelf or Rear racks (for SR series workbenches).

PPCH-01/A is mounted to aluminium racks (for Alpha or Alliance series workbenches).

PPCH-01/GM  is mounted to Gamma lateral racks.

Metal plate dimensions: 430*310mm

Load capacity: 15 kg

Movable computer case

Movable computer case support

PPS-01 – movable computer case support helps to move the computer case around the area.

Dimensions: 220×150×480mm

Movable drawer unit support

Movable drawer unit support

PPT-01 movable drawer unit support is an additional unit that helps to turn stationary drawer units and cabinets into movable ones. It matches all standard cabinets (TMB-01/1 and TMB-02/1) and drawer units (DR-03/1, DR-05/1, DR-07/1 and DR-10/1).

Four 50 mm casters, 2 of which are with brakes.

Suspended computer case support

Suspended computer case support

PPS-03 is a suspended computer case support, suitable for any VIKING workbench.

Dimensions: 265×460×460 mm.

Bin rail

Bin rail

ARK aluminium rail can be installed wherever on the wall to provide storage bins attaching.

Foot rest

Foot rest

PPN-02 footrest helps to provide workers with an ergonomically correct sitting position. PPN-02 footrest is equipped with height and angle adjustment mechanism.

Dimensions: 400×300 mm.

Power Panel

Power Panel accessories

  • Single sockets with grounding;
  • USB double charger socket;
  • Double RJ 45 socket cat. 6UTP;
  • 10 A automatic fuse;16 A automatic fuse;
  • Circuit breaker
Reinforcing Bracket

PO/K Reinforcing Bracket

  • A set of reinforcing brackets for main shelves of CLASSIC, COMFORT, CONSTANT and OSTROV series.
    Helps to increase Main shelves load capacity up to 100 kg.

Perforated Panel accessories

  • Hooks and holders for perforated panel.
Suspended footrest for Alliance workbenches

Suspended footrest PPN-03/A

It is only suitable for ALLIANCE  series workbenches. The footrest is established on the lower slat and is equipped by a nonskid floor mat.
130° to 160° angle adjustment provides additional convenience for an operator.

  • Dimensions of a platform for feet: 400×300 mm.
  • Load capacity:  60 kg
Retracing Mechanism

KL-1200 Retracing mechanism

Designed to suspend instruments and make them easy-to-reach. Cable tension depends on the weight of the instrument which should be in a 0,6-1,5 kg range

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