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Heavy duty workbenches series Titan

Titan series technical furniture is designed for mechanical works, which require reinforced load capacities, especially in machine-building and metalworking industries, in workshops and car services.

Main features of Titan series furniture:

  •    – 2000 kg load capacity for workbenches, reinforced runners for drawers and durable wheels for movable workstations and trolleys allow working with heavier details and tools;
  •    – Two types of shock resistant and high-abrasion tabletops; various sets of modules allow selecting an optimal variant;
  •    – Specially designed structural iron profiles provide durability and reliability of construction;
  •    – Automatic positioning of component parts provides precision and ease of assembly;
  •    – Demountable construction which consists of 4 parts provides convenience of transportation.
Heavy duty workbench VT series Titan

Titan heavy duty workbench is a high tech construction without additional supports under the tabletop, where all the stiffeners organically fit the design of the workbench. Load capacity and rigidity are achieved through optimally calculated 1,5 mm thick structural iron profiles, instead of the usage of several tools cabinets placed under the tabletop.
There are two types of tabletops available for the workbench:

  •     – 30 mm thick plywood coated with 10 mm shockproof plastic
  •     – 30 mm thick plywood coated with 6 mm sheet metal

Standard sizes of heavy duty workbenches (W*H*D) are 1200/1500/1800*800*700 mm

Titan heavy duty workbenches in basic version (VT/B) are supplied with technological plugs in a frame under the tabletop. Heavy duty workbenches in expanded version (VT/R) are supplied with reinforced telescopic drawers:

  •     – 2 small drawers 300*80*450 mm for 1200 wide mm workbenches
  •     – 3 small drawers 300*80*450 mm for 1500 wide mm workbenches
  •    – 2 small drawers 300*80*450 mm and 1 big drawer 640*80*450 mm for 1800 wide mm workbenches

Heavy duty workbenches weight 160/180/200 kg depending on their size.
All heavy duty workbenches are equipped with small side shelves under the tabletop.
Default colors combination is RAL 5021 (turquoise), RAL 9005 (black) and RAL 9010 (white). Matte paint texture.

  • Distributed tabletop load capacity – 2000 kg
  • Impact load – 300 kg
  • Max load on telescopic drawers – 80 kg
Tool cabinet SHK/VT

Titan series reinforced tools cabinet can be used for milling, drilling and CNC lathes tools storage, as well as punches and matrix plate-bending tools.
Inner perforation of telescopic drawers allows mounting shelves for different tools storage and adjusts shelves’ height with a 25 mm pitch.

  • Dimensions of tools cabinet (W*H*D) 860*1200*1300 mm.

Inner dimensions:

  • Height of retractable console: 900 mm
  • Dimensions of shelves: 140*1200*30 mm
  • Weight – 130 kg

Default colors combination is RAL 5021 (turquoise), RAL 9005 (black) and RAL 9010 (white). Matte paint texture.

  • Max load on construction – 700 kg
  • Max load on retractable shelves – 80 kg

Demountable construction provides an easy transportation; an assembled cabinet can be moved with a stacking truck or a loader.

The inner perforation of cabinet’s shelves can be provided according to customers’ requirements.

Movable workstation VTM

Titan series movable workstation is a compact movable workbench with 4 drawers and reinforced polyurethane wheels equipped with a stopper, it prevents a workbench rolling during a working process. Movable workstations are equipped with the damping overlay for fastening table vises and a small closable box for accessories on a working surface; it is also equipped with a side shelf below the tabletop and a convenient handle.

Can be additionally equipped with the perforated screen cover and the hinged lamp.

  • Dimensions of movable workstation: (W*H*D): 600*750*500 mm
  • Dimensions of drawers (W*H*D): 2 drawers 400*160*450 mm and 2 drawers 400*80*450 mm
  • Weight: 130 kg

Default colors combination is RAL 5021 (turquoise), RAL 9005 (black) and RAL 9010 (white). Matte paint texture.

  • Max load on working surface of workstation: 150 kg
  • Max load on telescopic drawers: 80 kg
Reinforced transportation cart TT/VT

Titan series reinforced transportation cart is designed for heavy tools and accessories storage and movement between manufacturing sectors. The cart is established on rotary wheels, 2 of them with brakes, it is also equipped with the convenient handle. Individual filling-in of the shelves is provided: plastic insert systems for tools storage and different types of perforation to match milling, drilling and CNC lathes tools.

Default colors combination is RAL 5021 (turquoise), RAL 9005 (black) and RAL 9010 (white). Matte paint texture.

  • Max load on the cart – 700 kg
  •  Max load on main inner shelves – 150 kg
  •  Max load on additional side shelves – 30 kg

Demountable construction facilitates transportation and gives the opportunity to remove main shelves and use internal space for transportation of gauge loads.

Shelving STS/VT
Shelving STS/VT

Reinforced shelving with smoothly height-adjustable shelves and supports. It does not require additional leveling on floors. Equipped with 4 shelves in basic configuration.

  • Max distributed load capacity per shelf – 350 kg
  • Max load capacity per shelving – 800 kg

Available in RAL 9005 (black) and RAL 9010 (white) colors. Matte paint texture.

Holders for perforated panels

Additional accessories for perforated panels of heavy workbench and movable workstation
K-01/VT Hook for tweezers and equipment with small handles. Dimensions: 180×57×35 mm
K-02/VT Hook for screwdrivers. Dimensions: 180×57×35 mm
K-03/VT Holder for pliers. Dimensions: 180×110×45 mm
K-04/VT Hook for any tools. Dimensions: 180×45×25 mm
K-05/VT Holder for screwdrivers and 9–13 mm diameter drills. Dimensions: 180×100×30 mm
K-06/VT Hooks for spanners. Dimensions: 60-150×190×45 mm
K-07/VT Double hook for heavy instruments. Dimensions: 35×40×80 mm
K-08/VT Tray for small components and bottles. Dimensions: 180×45×80 mm
K-09/VT Tray for A4-size papers. Dimensions: 310×45×220 mm