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Cleaning Products

Flux-EX 200/B

The Flux-EX 200/B cleaner is an alkaline cleaning concentrate which is used for cleaning electronic assemblies after appropriate dilution with water. The agent removes rosin (colophony) residues and residues of organic acids and other organic non-ionic soiling such as oils and greases. It is very well suited for the removal of most No-Clean flux residues and outstanding for cleaning soldering frames and masks.

Flux-EX 500

The Flux-EX 500 cleaner has mainly been developed for cleaning circuit boards after soldering with usual solder processes. However, it is also suitable for numerous other applications, e.g. cleaning for soldering frames, stencils and screens or also for electronic components. Circuit boards cleaned with Flux-EX 500 meet the highest requirements for reliability and are optimised by coating afterwards with conformal coatings and/or casting compounds.

Tippy Soldering Tip Cleaner

The Tippy soldering tip cleaner (lead-free) cleans and tins soiled and oxidised soldering tips quickly and easily in one work operation. It consists of high quality solder powder with activated additives. For cleaning, stroke the soldering tip over the surface of the Tippy. The soldering tip temperature should be at least 220°C and maximum 450°C. The cleaning and tinning improves the closer the soldering tip temperature is to 450°C.

Rework Products

Flux Pen

It is a recurring task in electronics manufacture that minimal quantities of flux must be applied for certain soldering tasks to be able to make a reliable solder joint.

Our flux pens are an easy method for applying fluxes in difficult to access places. Ideal for rework, repairs and subsequent mounting of SMD components on densely populated circuit boards. The flux pens are reliable, quick, easy to use and cost-effective.

Flux-Gel HX21

The Flux-Gel HX21 is a well-activated flux gel for soft soldering of metals which cannot be soldered with usual No-Clean fluxes. The application area is electronics manufacture as well as resoldering or repair work.

Suitable soldering methods are piston and bar soldering and hot air (nitrogen) and reflow.

Flux-Gel Kolopaste No.8

Kolopaste No. 8 is suitable for repair soldering in SMT and for piston and bar soldering. The large-area soldering of copper, brass and pre-tinned parts is also possible. The extremely low, halogen-free activation causes very good insulation behaviour of the flux residues after the soldering.

Flux-Gel RMA04

Flux-Gel RMA04 is a ready to use thickened rosin (colophony) flux with high solid content in paste form for soldering copper, brass and tinned surfaces. The flux paste has very high adhesive strength and can also hold larger components during the reflow soldering. Therefore, it is outstandingly suitable for repair soldering for SMD components.

Flux-Gel Multiflix 450-01

The Flux-Gel Multifix 450-01 has been specially developed for rework and repairs in the electronics industry. The flux gel is suitable both for manual application as well as for automatic application using a dispenser.

Solder-EX Desoldering Wick

The Solder-Ex desoldering wick has been developed for the repair of solder joints. It consists of copper wick and is coated with a special halogen-free flux which accelerates the solder absorption. Solder-Ex desoldering wicks are available in 4 widths for the various application areas.

No-Clean Desoldering Wick

The No-Clean desoldering wick has been developed for reliable desoldering and the repair of solder joints without having to be cleaned afterwards. The No-Clean desoldering wick is coated with a special halogen-free No-Clean flux which accelerates the solder absorption rate. Storage in a humid environment does not adversely affect this characteristic. The wick remains flexible and does not oxidise.

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