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Stannol in collaboration with the FairLötet initiative presents the first fair solder wire. 

Tin in the form of tin solder is used in every electronic product, from the mobile telephone to the television. It is needed to connect the various components in the device with each other. Most of the tin is mined in developing and emerging economies. This mining often places a large burden on people and the environment.

The idea for a fair tin solder that is produced without exploitation of people and environmental damage originated in the summer of 2014. The criteria for fair tin solder have been defined in close collaboration between Stannol and FairLötet and have been published in a white paper.


For more responsible action …



  • No metals used from first smelter
  • Use of high purity secondary raw materials
  • More than 90% of the flux in the solder wire from renewable raw materials
  • Conservation of natural resources for responsible use of our environment



  • Conflict-free origin
  • Avoiding unfair working conditions
  • Support of local NGO for fair and sustainable tin mining on-site by the FairLötet e.V. initiative to enable fairly traded tin in the future



  • Alloy purity analogous to ISO 9453:2006
  • RoHs-compliant (lead-free)
  • Tin-copper alloy without silver
  • Stannol is certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental protection standard

Part of the proceeds from the sale of the solder wire are used to support organisations in the countries concerned and the further work of FairLötet.

Further information can be found at fairloetet.de